GIANT Peacock Alebrije from Oaxaca !

A few days late but one of our biggest artisan finishes our commissions, we check them, number them and pay the balance. We add a few more pieces.

We also finally get our our giant peacock - which is done being painted. It took two year for the pieces to fully dry so it would t crack. Wait till you see it!

Other big pieces are not ready yet - like we have a six foot dragon has already been drying for two years needs another year to dry. Patience is the name of the game here.

We have many pickups to do today and to see everyone, including a couple of artisans we haven’t seen yet, we decide to leave early Wednesday morning, so extend our stay yet again. But it’s okay. Our one more day allows Nico to wish his daughter, Rebecca, happy 18th birthday Wednesday. She’s already in college!

Scott, Josh & Nico in Mexico on a collecting trip for 6 weeks. Currently in Oaxaca.