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Prayer Beads, Rosaries, Malas – all a symbol of the commitment to a spiritual life. The circle of beads represents the interconnectedness of all things.

Many of our Malas are made by the Tibetan Nun Project, while others are crafted by Buddhist Monks from several Monasteries in Nepal, India and South Korea while others are made by small family workshops in Nepal and India  

Prayer beads invite reverence and awareness into our lives. Use them for a simple daily meditation, as a sacred object, or for deeper spiritual practices according to your faith.  They are traditionally used for counting prayers or repetitions of sacred mantras. 

The traditional Tibetan Mala has 108 beads, an auspicious number. Wrist Mala bead count varies.  Our Malas are sized to fit most wrists. Purchases of Tibetan Nuns Project support their programs. 

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